Sound Design

Immersion through Audio

A Grimm’s Fairy Tale “Little Red Cap” is an audio book that was created in Adobe Audition. Half of a good video is engaging audio. Being strictly audio, this recording was designed to tell the original story of Little Red Riding Hood.


The purpose of this project was to create supplementary content for college students as they learn analyze the true meaning of the original fairy tales in comparison to the Germanic society during their creation and society as we know it today.


As a project for undergraduates at Duke University, students benefit from listening to professional audio productions as they will also help them prepare for their final audio/video presentation at the end of the semester. Audio production also accommodates auditory learners and blind students.


Audio Tutorials

As a project with Full Sail Online, we were to create a series of short tutorials in the topic of cleaning audio with Adobe Audition. These tutorials are designed for students at South Plains College.  Each tip is designed to be a quick reference for the students.  The color scheme goes along with the college’s website and I chose fonts that would be appealing to college students.

Using Adobe Audition, the students will be able to clean their audio to make a higher quality video by removing various pops, clicks or noises.