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The Infographic

Color Temperature Infographic

When teaching my high school students film and video techniques, one of the first things we cover is color temperature. Understanding this basic step is important when it comes to getting the shot right. Choosing the wrong color temperature on your camera could cause your image to look blue or purple.


This instructional graphic was created as part of a project through Full Sail Online. Each photo represents a time of day. The colors match the colors of the text and icons at the bottom. While the numbers represent the temperature in Kelvins, the icons also match presets they may find on their camera.


Images were chosen to match the diverse group of students in my class. Making the image as relevant as possible will help them identify the different color temperatures around them throughout their day. In the end, the students will become more aware of the color of light throughout their day which will help them be successful videographers as they calibrate their cameras.


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