The Instructional Video

Creating an origami crane is a great way to spark creativity whether it is your own or your class or students. As an assignment at Full Sail Online, this project was shot with two camera angles to create a great tutorial on how to fold an origami crane. Audio was recorded with a Tascam D10 lapel mic and placed in the timeline as I walk you through the tutorial. Having the two angles is important. While the wide shot gives the feeling that I’m with the learner in the room, the over the shoulder shot helps the learner follow along by being able to see what we are doing.  This tutorial was designed with teachers and learners from 11 on up in mind. Lessons like this are designed to foster creativity and are great when students need assistance getting into their creative mindset.



The storyboards are designed to give insight on on my lighting and camera setup for the tutorial. Initially, I had setup for 2 cameras however, due to the camera placement and the desired shots, I settled for doing it in two takes. I created my images mockups in Previz. The wide shot contains the clean audio while the over the shoulder shot, is more for instructional aid. Each page contains the dialogue, shot list and images along with a brief description of the learning outcome.