Learning through Interactive Games

Creating interactive games is a great way to increase learner engagement. This game started as a simple project assignment at Full Sail University and has since become a major part of my curriculum at the high school level.


This game is designed to be played at the completion of each lesson. The students will have a short tutorial or lesson editing or media creation and will then team up to complete a level of the game.  Each lesson and game level work with the one before it to strengthen learning and broaden their skillset.


Students work together to complete each level of the game. But what they get out in return is far more than just some finished projects. They learn how to work for a client and how to manage their time and money. These last two tasks are the most important because they will be used later in life whether the students seek a career in film or not.



Game Assets

The assets designed are a combination of images on the game site and physical playing cards. The main hub of the game is a website where the students discover the game level requirements, rent gear and hire actors. 

There are two types of playing cards depending on the situation. If the team is unable to work on their project, they draw a "Studio Closed" card which contain negative consequences. On the other hand, if they complete their project early, a "Bonus" card awaits to give each team member a special monetary tip.